Magic Milers Meetup at the Dopey Challenge

After the 10k Friday morning Adam and I were going to grab a bite to eat. We wandered off Disney property looking for something tasty, but I was feeling super tired and I was starting to get hangry (hungry + angry = very cranky). I spotted a Chik-Fil-A and decided even though fast food probably wasn't the best option, it was easier. I'm not sure why I felt so exhausted, but at that moment I knew if I tried to sit down at breakfast I'd probably fall asleep in my pancakes. So we grabbed some chicken minis and headed back to the hotel. 

I decided that maybe I just needed a shower and that would wake me up, but even after that I was still feeling super tired. I decided to take a nap. We both fell asleep for a little while and then Adam had to leave to drive back to Tampa for work. He wouldn't be back until Saturday night. I figured I'd better get up and get ready anyway, I had talked to my friend April about heading to the expo before going to a runners meet-up.

April picked me up and we headed over to the expo. It was busy, as expected, but both of us were just looking for specific items. My item: a specific medal holder for all of my Disney medals. After all I'd be getting 6 from this weekend alone. I grabbed what I was looking for and then April and I were off to meet the Milers at Splitsville in Downtown Disney. 

I found out about the Magic Miler meet-up at first, through my friend Diego. I had run with him in a group of runners called the Suncoast Striders. He was running the Disney Marathon that weekend and was going to the meet up that Friday. He invited me, and I agreed to come. He added me to the Miler group on Facebook and I realized that another friend of mine, April, was also in the group. Small world. I was a little reluctant, because I can be a bit shy in large groups, but I know runners are generally friendly, so I thought "what the heck?".

Diego and I

We got to Splitsville and I spotted Diego. We chatted a bit and then I walked back over to April where she introduced me to a bunch of the other Milers. 
Bryan, Mike, April, Me

It wasn't long until I started to feel right at home. This was a crazy bunch of runners. And by crazy I mean fun, outgoing, playful, happy - just a great group of people to be around. They welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like I belonged. 
Getting' silly

We all got to know each other, and apparently I am now a doctor. I don't remember how or why, but somehow my name tag wound up saying Dr. Jackie. I am NOT a doctor. The afternoon was spent mostly laughing. Everyone was just having a good time and I had an absolute blast.

The gang's all here

After Splitsville, a smaller group of us decided to head over to Beaches and Cream, an ice cream shop, for some dessert. We drove over and sat outside enjoying the scenery, the ice cream, and of course some more laughs.

The view from Beaches and Cream

I didn't realize how helpful these Magic Milers would become in my 2 upcoming races, but they were. They have also been supportive at races since Dopey and are always supporting each other in all aspects of running, racing, and life. 

I'm so glad I got to attend their awesomely fun meet-up!

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