Dopey Challenge - Disney's Inaugural 10k

I ran the Disney Dopey Challenge this past January. When I had signed up for the challenge I was running a lot, I had run my first marathon, I had run the Gasparilla Beck's Challenge (5k + 15k Saturday, 1/2 Marathon Sunday), and I had run several other races all around that timeframe. Running the back to back races of Dopey seemed like it was a good idea.

Fast forward to January and I was NOT prepared. I wasn't able to run the Chicago Marathon due to an injury, I had moved away from by beloved running group, I was working a lot. What did that all mean? I wasn't really training OR in the mindset for Dopey. However, I was going to do it anyway. I was going to make a little race vacation out of it, try my best, and have fun with it. And that's what I did.

Friday morning wakeup came quickly. I LOVE Disney races, but I HATE waking up so darn early. It was around 2:45am and I was sleepy. Lucky for me I had Adam with me and he was super awesome. He got my breakfast (bagel with peanut butter) ready while I got my clothes on for the race. 

Ready to go!

We headed over to the shuttle buses to Epcot and got on. It was a short ride over to the park. Of course once we got there the energy was high. Everyone was excited despite the very early time. 

I met up with a few friends before the start of the race and we hung out for a while before we separated into our corrals. 
Dave, Caitlyn, Me, Jen

Then it was time. I was in corral C so there was a little time before I would start after the first wave began.
Fireworks at the start

The fireworks when off at the start of each wave. It seemed like the time between waves took a little longer than usual and I was getting a little bit anxious. I don't normally get anxious before races, but I think it wasn't the fact that I was running this race in particular, it was the fact that I had this race and 2 more to run. I had to pace myself and save energy for the next two days. Plus my sinuses were acting up a bit. 

Finally my wave was at the start and the fireworks went off again. I crossed the mat and was off. I started off with a decent pace but thought to myself that I should slow it down. Something felt a little off. I felt less energetic than the day before and I had a bit of a headache. Normally I would be disappointed, but I was at Disney! I decided to just take walk breaks, take in the sights and have fun. 

Me and Genie! (I can't tell you what I wished for)

I got a picture with Genie, so that was awesome. I love the fact that you can stop and get pictures with the characters during Disney races. There was a stop for Dopey but the line was TREMENDOUS. I figured there would be another Dopey during another race this weekend, so I chose not to stop. 

We ran around the boardwalk area of Disney during this race, which I had not done before, and it was so pretty. I think I got re-energized just from loving the view so much. Normally during a race I don't take the time to look around so much, so I liked the fact that I was taking it easy - I got the chance to take in the sights, and that made it special for me. 

For this race I didn't put any pressure on myself for a time. I took lots of walk breaks, I took lots of pictures and I enjoyed myself. There were still 2 more races to go and the marathon had me a little nervous. Maybe more than a little nervous. I pushed the thoughts of of my head and saw the finish line of the 10k. I was about to get my Minnie Mouse medal!

Coming in to the finish

And so I crossed the 10k finish in 1:36:07. Two races down, two to go. 
Daisy liked my bling but she thought she should be on the medal.


Now it was time for a nap!

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