Moms Need to Stop Being Judgmental & Support One Another

I recently read a post on another mommy blog site (am I a mommy blogger now?) that stirred up some emotions for me. It was about deal breakers when choosing mom-friends. It made references to people who chose to be gluten free, or sugar free, and how no one will be friends with them. And how the person writing the article doesn't want to buy shakeology or anything being sold by other parents on etsy. It mentioned how they thought parents should be disciplining their child, and if it wasn't to their liking they didn't want to be friends with them.

The article tries to state that they don't care how people parent their child, and that they are not judgmental...but in fact I believe that is EXACTLY what they are being. You say you aren't judgmental but then say you cannot be friends with someone who doesn't want their kid to have sugar. How is that not judgmental? WHY DOES IT MATTER? If you want your kid to eat cookies then feed YOUR kid cookies. Is there really something wrong with a parent that wants their kid to be sugar free? I don't get it. If another parent is selling shakeology or has a business on etsy to make extra money for their family and you don't want to buy what their selling, how about just not buying it instead of shunning their friendship? What about supporting each other and trying to help each other succeed in life? Apparently kids aren't the only ones who bully each other

People are just too damn judgmental of the way other people parent. And I've seen this far too many times before I read this post today. Motherhood is hard. Moms should be supporting each other instead of attacking each other for the choices they make.

There are so many different things I have seen moms be judged for in the short time I have been a mom myself. And there have been several times I, myself, have felt judged by other moms. It is absolutely ridiculous that mothers have to be made to feel like the things they are doing for their children are wrong. If there is something YOU don't want to do with your child then don't do it! But don't try to shame, guilt, or do anything else to another parent simply because you don't like what they are doing.

The list of things I've seen or heard parents be shamed for, or made to think they are doing wrong is almost endless. Breastfeeding, pumping, formula feeding, daycare, working mommies, babywearing, strollers, co-sleeping, cry it out, feeding solid foods, using baby food, making baby food, baby lead weaning, cloth diapering, teething necklaces, amber necklaces, etc etc etc..... All of these topics are ones that parents tend to do differently. And there is no right or wrong way to do it. You should do what works for your family.

Hopefully one day instead of ending friendships because someone doesn't want to feed their kid sugar, mothers can learn acceptance of each others differences and support each other in life.