Susan G Race for the Cure 2014

In case you can't tell from my blog title, I love to run. This is why I thought it would be a great idea to run a 5k the day before my wedding day. My cousin Adele, who is also a runner, was flying in from Colorado. I wanted her to get to do a Florida race, and since she would be here in time for this 5k I figured it would be perfect! My bridesmaid Mera was going to join us too.

I hadn't been running much before this 5k. The first trimester of my pregnancy was brutally exhausting for me and I had only done a few short, very slow runs in the very beginning. I had wondered why I was tired and sluggish during those runs. Damn pregnancy hormones! Even though I hadn't been out and about with my running, I still figured it was a good idea and would be fun. Plus I was thinking it was just a 5k. I had run much longer distances without proper training, so I would be fine right?

Race morning came and we met in the hotel parking lot. We were all staying at the Sirata the two nights before the wedding. We drove to the race sight and got our bibs and race bags. I was also excited because a manager I work with was doing his first race ever. He started running because of a contest back in March that we had going on. I said if we won he had to run a half marathon. He started training and now enjoys running!

Mr. K and I before the race

We lined up at the start and I told Adele to go ahead in front of Mera and I. I knew I would be slower and would be taking walk breaks when needed. I was 4 months pregnant and I wanted to make sure not to over-do anything. 

The race started and we were off. We wished each other a good race and waved. I felt good at the beginning of the race and started out with a slow run. I think I was keeping an 11:30 pace. It was a little harder to breathe than normal, so I slowed down a little bit. I was only into the race about.25 miles when I decided I needed a walk break to catch my breath.

THe race had a late start time so the sun was already shining down on us. I was feeling hotter than usual. Luckily there were an enormous amount of water stops for a 5k. Looking back I don't remember exactly how many, but I know I stopped for water at least 4 or 5 times. Typically there's only 1 stop in a 5k, so I was happy to be stayed hydrated.

While doing the race I saw this sign. I think they put it up for me. 

I walked A LOT of the race and I started having a problem with chaffing. I typically don't chafe during a race, especially one of a shorter distance. I will use body glide for  a half marathon or longer, but never have I needed to for a 5k. I guess I didn't factor in the changing shape of my body and the extra pound I had packed on since becoming pregnant. Towards the end of the race I started having to do a waddle to keep my legs feeling a little less pain.

Finally, after about 53 minutes and what seemed like forever, we finished the race. Mera had stayed with me the whole time and just had fun with it. We were met my a cheering Adele at the finish line. 

I was disappointed in my time at the race, but yet on the other hand was happy that I actually completed the race while being pregnant. And not having much energy and almost no running for the past 4 months. 

The girls!

The only thing I wished I had done differently was realized I was a bit bigger and used some body glide. My thighs were so badly chaffed that they were bleeding and I wound up having to bandage them in order to function the rest of the day through the ceremony rehearsal and dinner. 
I even kept them bandaged at the wedding the next day!

Unfortunately that was the last race I was able to do while pregnant. Due to some complications and pregnancy issues I was told not to run. I'm looking forward to being able to run again and I'm living vicariously through all of my runner friends for now. 

I'm thinking my first 5k (although it might need to be walked) after pregnancy will be the I Love Mother's Day 5k in May. I can bring the stroller and I think it would be a fitting 1st race back!