Starting Piyo and some July Fitness Challenges

I know it's been a few days since I've posted but I've been a busy little bee this past week. 

We adopted a 10 month old Shepard mix puppy this past Monday. Getting him adjusted and trying to start some training has occupied a bit of my time. The great thing is, he likes to be outside and go for long walks and even seems to like running. I tried a little bit of running intervals with him this week and it's been going well. Can't wait to get him running a 5k distance with me!

I've been doing a push up challenge with my friend and fellow blogger Lindsey. We technically started before July did, but that's OK. Today is day 11 and I've done my 15 push-ups. I'm excited about this challenge because I have very little upper body strength, so I'm hoping this will help me get stronger. I'm also excited to be able to (hopefully) do 40 push-ups by the end of the month!

Another challenge I've decide to partake in is Nanci's #CrazyPlanks plank a day challenge. There's no set amount to plank per day - it's for everyone to just get their plank in daily at whatever level they like. There's a Facebook group you could join in here. And don't worry that you didn't start July 1st, I didn't either. Also, participate on twitter and instagram by using the hashtag #crazyplanks.

I love these little challenges. They hold me accountable because I get to post either to someone or in a group. The support and motivation of others is a great way to keep me going even when I feel like doing nothing. To me, accountability is a key to fitness success.

I also finally tried out my Piyo home workout. Piyo is a combination of pilates and yoga that's done at a faster pace to really give you a great workout. It also seems to keep you from getting bored. I've heard from those who don't like or get bored with yoga. They love this workout because it's more fast paced. The first video shows you how to properly align your body during the different movements that you will be doing in each workout. I love that they included this and Chalene Johnson does a great job explaining how all of the moves are done. 
Even just trying out the moves, I was able to feel my body working, and I definitely felt a nice stretch. I know that my flexibility has suffered since I started running - this will be a great way for me to counteract that. I can't wait to get started with the other workouts. 

Interested in Piyo? You can find more information and purchase here
Want some accountability with Piyo? I, along with a few of my fellow coaches, will be running a challenge group soon! You'll get the accountability you need, tips from the coaches, plus an extra special bonus! Interested? Comment below with your e-mail, or e-mail me at

Can't wait to see my progress at the end of the month with all these fun new workouts!!

What are your July goals?