Knockout Panties

I will often talk about different types of workout and running clothes that I find cute and love to wear. Actually I find this to be a hot topic of conversation between runners and myself. "Where did you get that cute top?" "Oh, those running shorts are cute!" Common things I hear through social media, at races, and at fitness events. 

One thing that doesn't often get spoken about is underwear. I guess it can be sort of taboo to talk about what's covering our feminine parts. But I was lucky enough to try out an awesome line of underwear. So, I guess it's time to talk about it. 

Knock out! panties creator and CEO, Angela Newman, wanted to create a panty that had high tech functionality. Knock out! panties are just that. And they are super cute and sexy.

Knock out! panties are soft, subtle, and sexy and they have patented technology in every pair that protects from wetness and odor. 

Lacy Boy Short

The liners in Knock out! panties have an all natural odor absorbing treatment and dual-action wicking fibers built into the 100% cotton fabric. Some of these fibers wick unwanted moisture away from your skin. Other fibers absorb the moisture six times quicker than any other product on the market today - cotton or synthetic. 
The liner can absorb up to 0.75 teaspoon of fluid, which is almost three times more than necessary for the average woman. 

Lacy Panty

The garments also have patented odor technology built right into the natural fabrics. These fabrics are treated with a gentle but powerful process - the natural fibers in the fabric bond with natural odor absorbing molecules that release the odor particles when you wash them.


I got to try out three styles of the Knock out! panties - the bikini, the lacy panty, and the lacy boy short. I also got to try the No sweat bra. 
The bikini is a total comfort hip hugger with the patented cotton liner. It's perfect for working out, which I loved. At first I wasn't too interested in the style, I normally wouldn't pick out something so plain, but the fit was great. These aren't what some people would call "granny panties". They were super comfortable and are now my favorite panties to wear during a workout. 
The lacy panty were the sexiest version of the three I received. The panty fit great, no pinching, and very smooth under anything I wore. Even though it's lacy, you don't see any lines under my clothes. 
The lacy boy shorts are super cute, but these were a little more snug than the other two. I had received a small in all three, but it seemed like I needed a medium in this style. I contacted Knock out! panties and they sent me a new pair in the right size. Awesome customer service! 
By far these have become my favorite pairs of panties. The last time I wore them I was out all day in 93 degree weather and I had no problem with sweating. 

No Sweat Bra

The No Sweat Bra I received was in a medium. That was sent to me based on my normal bra size, but it was a bit large. Again, the awesome customer service team from Knock out! sent me the right size - small. This bra is super comfortable, wicks away sweat, and is great for my workouts. 
I've also just worn it multiple times lounging around and I love the comfort!

I would highly recommend trying out Knock out! panties. They also have sleepwear and a line of undergarments for men.

Check them out here!

*I was given 3 pairs of Knock out! panties and a No Sweat Bra in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.