Chicago Marathon Training - Week One

Training for the Chicago Marathon has begun!

Here's my recap of week 1:

Day 1 of marathon training was on the calendar. I was just getting over a sinus infection and I knew my body probably wasn't in the shape to get our there and run. I felt tired and worn down. I still wanted to get my miles in, but I needed to listen to my body. I wasn't going to skip my first day of training, but I wasn't  going to put the stress of a run on my body that was fighting off an infection. I decided I was going to walk my miles. 
Adam and I set out in the morning and went for  a nice 3 mile walk. Three miles in the books and day one of training complete.

The next two days I had a jam packed schedule so I scheduled my next run for Thursday. Another 3 miles was planned. I still wasn't feeling up to par, but I made an effort to actually run some of my miles.  I did intervals of running and walking, but my endurance just wasn't there. Plus I started a little late in the day and it was super hot. Note to self: run early or melt!

Saturday was my first scheduled "long run". Four miles needed to get tackled. I felt more energetic and luckily we headed out earlier in the day. I'm not where I'm comfortable with speed-wise, but I know distance is more important than speed right now. I haven't been running more than 2 - 3 miles every so often, so once I get my endurance back I'll think about working on speed. 

I also got to finally try out my Crazy Compression socks. I was lucky enough to receive a pair to review a while back, but I hadn't been running long distances. I usually wear compression sleeves for distances over 5 miles, but I hadn't run anything over 3 miles in a while so I figured I should make sure my calves wouldn't tighten up. 

I love the style of these socks, I choose to try out a super cute purple leopard print. 

I've never worn a full compression sock before, only the calf sleeves, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I was comfortable for the whole run and had no calf or shin pain. The sock portion kept my feet nice and dry. Also, there was no blistering.

After the run I felt no soreness or tightness in my calves. I'll definitely be using these again!

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