STOMP at the Straz Center

Being from NYC there are certain shows I have always heard good reviews about. Stomp was one of them. I've always wanted to see this performance, but unfortunately never got the chance. 

Until yesterday.

I had an idea about what the show was about - the performers would use household items to make musical beats. I figured it would be fun and entertaining, but I had no idea HOW AWESOME this show was actually going to be. 

The show started off with the performers using brooms and their feet to make sounds and rhythms that you would never believe was coming from such a simple household item.

And the 90 minute show continued on in just that fashion. The performers used anything you could possibly imagine to make music. Except for actual musical instruments. There were brooms, matchboxes, garbage cans, zippo lighters, sinks, shopping carts - even plastic bags were used to make music that everyone was enjoying. 

Now, I had known what the general idea of this show was going to be about. Of course I didn't know just how amazing it was going to sound. What I also didn't know was how entertaining it would be. Even without speaking a word you came to love certain characters. 

There was comedy involved. I found myself laughing out loud during most of the show. And I'm not one of those people who laughs at every comedy movie or cries at every tear jerker. Normally my feelings during a show are contained. During this performance I was actually laughing. Out Loud. These people weren't telling jokes, but their antics, silly body language and stunts provided a very funny and entertaining performance. 

Picture credit to the Straz Center.

And then there was the audience participation. There were times where the performers got you to clap, snap, or stomp along to the beats they were making. I had such a great time chiming in with the performance that my hands actually hurt a bit from clapping so much!

I had an amazing time watching STOMP. I highly recommend this show and I think everyone living around the Tampa area should go see it! It's playing at the Straz Center until May 3rd. 
You can get tickets by clicking here.

Lynn, Adam, and I before the start of the show. 

*As a member of the Tampa Bay BloggersI received four complimentary tickets for STOMP in exchange for my review. The opinions shared are my own.