Staying Motivated


Motivation keeps us going. It's what gets us up at crazy early hours for our long runs during marathon training. It's what gets us working out on days which we feel tired. It's what keeps us working towards our goals day after day. So how do we keep it there all the time?

Motivation is something that I sometimes struggle with. There are some days, weeks, even months in which I can keep going - working out every day, watching my diet, and sticking to a training schedule. And then there are times where I just don't want to do it. I get lazy and I give in to that lazy voice in my head. 

Truth be told I've been stuck in a bit of a rut recently. I haven't had the motivation to run, to workout -not even to blog. And I have tons of blog posts I need to write. So what is it that keeps me going? 

I went for a run Friday morning. I hadn't been on a run since the Sarasota Half marathon, March 16th. Two whole months without running. And why would I have to run? I didn't have a race coming up. Marathon training hasn't started yet. I didn't have a goal in place to work towards. 


For me, this is the key to staying motivated. The reason I went on the run on Friday morning is because I knew I had to start kicking it back into gear in order to be ready for Chicago. Setting goals keeps me in check. I was running more consistently before because I had more races scheduled. When I don't have races to train for, I don't run as much.

The same goes for blogging. I have topics I need to/can write about, but unless I have a deadline for a post I may not always get them done in a timely fashion. If I need to get a post done, it gets done. Goals. That is my key to staying motivated. 

So my new plan is to constantly set goals. I will set small goals for myself. Weekly goals - in order to keep myself motivated. I'm pretty sure that will keep me consistently motivated.

What keeps you motivated?