Stable 26 Running Socks

Your most important tool when running is your feet. This is why what you put on your feet needs to be the best. We already know that everyone always talks about the shoe. Finding the right running shoe is super important for runners. But what about the socks? Shouldn't that be just as important?

I believe your socks are an important part of your running gear too. That's why I'm extremely excited to announce that I'm now an ambassador for Stable 26. 

So let me tell you a little about them.

Stable 26 was developed by a chiropractic doctor. What was fount was that most footwear is designed for the "average foot". Well, no one's foot is exactly average. What does this mean then? This means that the footwear can't do exactly what it's meant to do properly. The foot will not be properly connect to the shoe, and therefore the fit is not exactly how it should be. This will lead to subobtimal sports performance.

Stable 26 uses targeted silicone pads to bridge those gaps in connection and allow the shoe, boot, or skate to do what they are made to do. This will stabilize the foot and the 26 bones that make up the foot (now you know where the name comes from), to provide you with a better fit. Better fit = better performance. 

Stable 26 makes products for running, skiing, hockey, and golf.

Since I'm a runner, I'm going to focus on the running socks...

Want to try these out?
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I think you'll love them!