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For the past two years or so I've acquired an enjoyment for painting. This I why I was very excited to get the privilege to try out a painting class at Simply Art Studios in Oldsmar.

Simply Art Studios offers painting classes that are fun for those of all skill levels. You don't have to be Picasso to enjoy these classes!

Simply Art Studios has a calendar of events and you pick a painting that you like. When you arrive you will find each painter's station set up with a blank canvas on an easel and the brushes needed for the painting you will be completing. There will be two painting already completed to show you what your work of art will look like on either side of the room.

For the painting classes acrylic paint is used and your masterpiece will be done on a 16 x 20 or 18 x 18 inch canvas. The painting instructors teach you the tips and techniques necessary to create a wonderful work of art that you will be proud to display. You really don't need any experience!

Another fun part of Simply Art Studios is that you get to bring your favorite wine, beer, or other adult beverages, as well as snacks. This makes for a fun night out with the girls, or even a fun date night idea! They even have classes where the two paintings form into one (which I think is perfect for date night). 

I got to attend a class with the Tampa Bay Bloggers that was doing a version of Starry Nights. We started off the night by doing a fun little exercise where we put a paper plate on our head a drew things like a christmas tree and a flower on the plate while it was on our heads. Those drawings came out quite interesting.

Then it was on to the painting. The instructors tell you what color paints to use for what, how to use chalk to draw what you need to paint (it comes off later with a sponge), and even give you a stencil to use for the harder areas. 

I decided to be a rebel and chose not to use the chalk or stencil, but I have painted on my own a bit, and I wanted my painting to be unique. And that's what is fun about the class. You don't have to follow the instructions exactly. You can play around with the colors and shapes, and make a painting YOU love. And you get to enjoy some wine while doing it. 

It was quite crazy how different everyone's paintings were turning out and how much fun everyone was having. I had a great time with my table - Caitlyn, Stephanie, and Stephanie were a blast! We talked about running, working out, sang the #Selfie song, and of course drank wine, while creating our magnificent works of art. 

I had such a great time at the class and I can't wait to go back and try out another painting! Simpy Art Studios also does jewelry making classes and other fun events so check out their website for more information!

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