There are so many things that keep me inspired. And I need it. And I love trying to help inspire others around me too, although sometimes I don't know how I do that exactly. But when someone tells me I inspire them it's definitely the best feeling. I know there are some days where I'm feeling a lack of motivation, or I'm feeling down, or even insecure - and I just need a little inspiration. When I find it, it changes the day for the better.

I'm a big fan of inspirational quotes and pictures and I have a tendency to post ones I like on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This is why I got excited about a new challenge that was put together by Fit Approach and Lorna Jane called Share Something Inspiring. It's a month long challenge of sharing something inspiring to you that pertains to the topic of the day. How cool is that?

So here's how the first 4 days went:

Day 1: #ShareSomethingInspiring that motivates you.

This quote keeps me motivated. Sometimes my run or workout doesn't go quite as planned. Sometimes I'm not as fast as I want to be. Sometimes I can't do as many reps as usual. But I need to know that I'm going to keep trying to get better and keep pushing at it. If I gave up after ever workout that didn't go as planned, or ever workout that I didn't perform good enough at, I would have given up a long time a go. "I will try again tomorrow" - knowing I need to say that keeps me motivated!

Day 2: #ShareSomethingInspiring to cheer someone up who needs it.

I think people need to realize that bad things are going to happen in life (me included). But once those hurdles are overcome, great things are on the horizon. You just have to keep your head up high and keep focusing on the good. I think this quote is perfect for people who are struggling through difficult times.

Day 3: #ShareSomethingInspiring about your best friend. Tag him/her!

I know this will sound mushy and cliche, but my boyfriend is definitely my best friend. We share so much and have a comfort with each other that is unmatched. Which is why I chose him for Day 3. Plus he inspires me! He didn't run before he met me and decided to try running with me one day. The first time we ran, we did a nice slow paced 3 miles. It took a little over 45 minutes and you could tell he was struggling. Since then I feel like I slow him down whenever we run together and he's always wanting to run longer than I do. And we've signed up for a marathon in November - which will be his first!

Day 4: #ShareSomethingInspiring that makes you smile.

I love this statement. I believe that when you radiate happiness other people can tell. Just like when you are negative other people can see that too. But why would you want to be negative? Think happy thoughts! Smile! Laugh! And the people around you will be happy too! And that will make you happier! It's all a cycle! Smile, you will be happy you did!

Feeling more positive already? Want to join in the fun? You still can!

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