My Soxy Feet

I'm not going to lie, I like trying to look somewhat cute when I'm running. I keep this in mind when I try to coordinate a running outfit. I like wearing fun, bright colors and funky patterns. In workout clothes I can wear things a bit bolder and brighter. And, sometimes I swear I run faster when I have an awesome running outfit on.

The only thing that tends to get neglected is the socks. I know running socks need to be functional - keeping your feet nice and dry and free from blisters, but wouldn't it be nice if some were super cute too?

Then I found My Soxy Feet. They had fun socks with cute designs and they were mismatched in a way that worked. Cute and a little quirky - right up my alley. But how were they designed for running? Would they work for me?

My Soxy Feet are made with Cool Max, Ecomade fibers to keep feet dry. They have a mesh top to allow ventilation and extra sole cushion for comfort. The heel/toe cushion provides comfort as well as protects the foot on impact. The sock has minimal seams and the lyrics and nylon keep it in place. 

Melissa, the Founder and CEO of My Soxy Feet, sent me a pair to try out. I love the pair she sent because they have cute little starfish on them. My first marathon was the Clearwater Marathon, put on by Florida road Races. The medal - a starfish. 

The first time I tried the socks I actually just went for a walk in them. I was getting over a cold and figured the heavier breathing associated with running wouldn't be good for my lungs. I walked about 2 miles at a decent pace. My feet felt great. They weren't sweaty, the socks remained comfortable the whole time, and there wasn't any annoying rubbing like I've experienced with some other socks.

The last time I wore them I went on a short run. Feet stayed dry. No blisters, no pain - everything worked out well. 

Want a pair for yourself? Check out all of the cute designs at !