Apera Yoga Mat Tote

I used to go to the gym every so often when I lived closer to it. I recently moved and the gym I had a membership to doesn't have locations close to home. Plus I was never really a fan of going to the gym. Some people love the gym. They like the free weights and the machines and they are amazing in that atmosphere. Me, on the other hand, I don't know how every machine works, I feel a little funny using the free weights, and I always get some creepy guy annoying me. I prefer working out at home or just going for a run. However the gym could be useful for me when I have to get a shorter run in and it's too hot or too rainy. 

Bringing my clothes to and from work and to the gym was always annoying. I have all these cute running clothes and workout gear, but do I own a gym bag? Nope. You would think I would have one. I mean, I DO have a gym membership. I do take random fitness classes every now and then. But no, for some reason I do not own a gym bag. So my sweaty clothes would wind up in a plastic bag crumpled up, or just in a regular canvas bag that I own and then that would need to be washed along with my clothes because it would start to smell funky. 

Then I stumbled upon these cute bags made by a company called Apera. What drew my attention immediately was the super cute pink color. It was bright and eye catching. I love bright and neon running clothes, so if I were to own a gym/workout bag why should that be any different? As I looked through their selection of bags I noticed they had something that could benefit me. A yoga mat tote! I have been wanting to take yoga classes for quite some time and have been thinking I would need to buy something to carry my yoga mat. I knew they made the straps of just the sling bags. But this bag was multipurpose. It would carry all of my workout goodies AND my mat! SCORE!

And looks aren't the only awesome part about these bags. Apera bags are healthier bags. And what do I mean by healthier? Well They have built in antimicrobial product protection to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Since this protection is built in during the manufacturing process, it will last for the useful lifetime of the bag. 
The antimicrobial product protection also keeps the bacteria from transferring from the bag to your skin, so it keeps you safe!
The bag has a waterproof base to prevent moisture from seeping into the bag and it is strategically ventilated so that it will remain odor free. 
There is also a washable insert so that you can keep sweaty clothes separate from dry gear.

I used the bag when I travelled to Orlando for  a Beachbody Super Saturday event. I was going to be doing 3 workouts so I was going to need some workout clothes besides what I was wearing. I was also going to need a change of shoes, a towel, and some snacks. Besides the workout I needed to take some notes, so I needed a notebook and pens. I also had my planner, wallet, keys, inhaler, and a bottle of water. Oh yes, and some makeup. 

Everything fit so perfectly into this bag. There is seriously a compartment for EVERYTHING. The main section is separated into two - so I put my shoes on one side and my change of clothes and towel on the other side. In the inner pocket I put my deodorant and makeup. And there was a spot outside for a water bottle.

In this picture above you can also see the removable pouch. I just threw some stuff in there for demonstration purposes. This should be used for your sweaty clothes since it is washable. 

There are multiples outer pockets too. I had my snack bars in one corner pocket, my inhaler in the other (with lots of room to spare). I had my planner, notebook, and waller arranged in the two sections in the front outer pocket. 

I didn't need to take my mat with me, but this it what is looks like with the mat roller up and snug in the bag. You could also sling it on your shoulder or use the two handles.

The bag is extremely comfortable and is made with great materials. Its very durable and I will be using it very often. I think I shall make it my carry on bag when I travel to the Chicago and Paris Marathon as well, since there are so many awesome compartments! Even a place for my running shoes!

And one more awesome thing about Apera....for every 3 bags they sell, they donate one bag to a special olympics athlete. How cool is that?

So head over to there website and check them out. You won't regret your purchase.