Training With T25? Thoughts About My Upcoming 1/2

As I've mentioned in a previous post I've started the awesome T25 program. I've been having good results and as I'm making my way through week 3 I'm starting to see myself being able to do more of the workout with less modifications. This means I'm getting stronger and I am making progress. 

This week was going to be a bit different for me though. Sunday is the Sarasota Half Marathon, which I will be participating in. With T25 consuming my workout time I haven't really been running. And the T25 workouts go Monday through Friday with a double workout day on Friday. There's a lot of jumping and lunging and squatting. My legs are usually sore, how would I do running a half marathon?

I didn't want to give up the opportunity to run this race. I ran it last year and had an amazing time. The view up and over the bridge as the sun rises is breathtaking. I normally don't like running bridges, but this one is longer than it is steep and the view is worth it. The after party is done by First Watch - yum! It's a good time to be had by all. And of course there's the bling. This race has a huge, beautiful medal.

This year's medal

I thought about skipping Friday's T25 workouts so I could have two rest days. The thought of that bothered me. I was progressing so much, I didn't want to mess up the sequence. Then I thought of another idea. I could double up each day and make sure my legs were well rested Thursday-Saturday. I knew this could work for two reasons. The first was that on the first day of week 2 I had a terrible migraine and I just couldn't get my workout in. On Tuesday I made it up. I did Monday's workout in the morning and Tuesday's workout at night. The second reason I knew this was possible is that the workouts are only 25 minutes. Even doing two of them is only 50 minutes of my day - I could do them back to back or split them up to fit into my schedule. 

After my double T25 workout

And so that is what I've been doing this week so far. Monday I did one workout, yesterday was Speed 1.0 and Lower Focus (those pulse lunges are killer), and today will be Cardio and Total Body Circuit. I figured I could leave Abs for tomorrow and that would work. 

I'm interested to see how all of this will effect my half-marathon performance on Sunday. 

And by the way, the First Watch Sarasota Half is sold out, but if you want a chance to win a free entry there's still a way in! From now up tomorrow at noon click here to be entered for a chance to win an entry to the half marathon on Sunday!

Good Luck!!

Have you ever started a workout program that has affected your half or full marathon performance? Which one and how?