Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick

I love experimenting with different colors and different types of makeup. Usually the type I tend to get most bold with is eyeshadows - I use a wide variety of colors on my eyes and like to mix it up. On the other hand I tend to stay subtle on the lips and usually use only a nude gloss.

The reason for this is because I've never really found a lipstick I liked. Every time I've tried to wear lipstick my lips always feel dry and after a short time of wear they look caked and cracked. I don't like the texture of lipstick - I prefer the moist feeling of gloss.

Another reason I tend to shy away from lipstick is the colors are usually more bold and for some reason bold color on the lips frightened me a bit. I'm not sure why.

This all changed when I was given the opportunity to review a new and improved formula of lipstick made by Rimmel London. I am a member of Influenster and was chosen to receive one of their "vox boxes" to test out Rimmel's Mosture Renew lipstick.

This lipstick formula is said to make lips feel 70% more hydrated and up to 60% smoother. It also contains SPF 20 and vitamins A, C, and E for protected lips. So far, so good.

I opened up the tube to check out the color. I was a little nervous about how bright it seemed. I checked out the name, As you want Victoria. The names cosmetics companies use always intrigues me. It didn't take away my fear of a color that bright on my lips though. Only one thing left to do now - try it on.

I swiped the stick over my lips and watched my pout fill with color. It WAS indeed bright, but it looked good. I double checked with the boyfriend to see what he thought. He said it was different since I don't usually wear color that bright, but he liked it. I decided to blot a little bit of the color off and tone it down just a tad - we were about to go to the farmer's market and I didn't need lips THAT bright just yet.
Wearing the new lipstick, drinking a milkshake

I picked up a milkshake at the market and the lipstick stayed on while I drank through the straw. Some of it did transfer to the straw, which I had expected since the color was so vibrant, but the color had also stayed on my lips. And my lips felt soft and moist. And they were not cakey feeling at all. So far I was liking this new lipstick!

Then it was back home to get ready for the film festival. I was going to try this lipstick out for a night on the town.

Using my moisture renew lipstick to get ready for the GIFF

It honestly felt even better than applying chapstick, so I was happy wearing it. I was just afraid I'd have to reapply after dinner. We got through our meal and I did a quick check and the lipstick was still on. I did however apply again just for safety measures - ad I might be a little paranoid about my makeup sometimes. 

Then it was over to Tampa Theater for opening night of the Gasparilla Film Festival!

Sporting MostureRenew in front of Theater
And on the red carpet

After the movie and the night was over I was taking pictures on the theaters red carpet with my new lipstick and loving it.

I'm happy to say I've found a lipstick I actually like and I can't wait to go check out more colors. 
I'll definitely be getting some more!

I received this tube of Rimmel London Mosture Renew lipstick complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.