ElectroDash - A 5k Dance Party !

Although I love challenging myself to break a personal record or even just improve on my time from a previous race, sometimes you just need to let loose and have fun running. ElectroDash was perfect for that.

ElectroDash provided pre-raceday packet pick up, but unfortunately I was unable to make it due to my hectic work schedule and prior engagements. On the bright die there is also race day pickup available but I knew the lines would be a bit long. I was right about that, but no one even noticed the long lines. Why? Because there was a sea full of glowing people waving their glowing arms and bouncing their glowing heads to the loud dance music pumping from the DJ booth set up at the stage just steps away. Were we in line to run a race or were we about to enter a dance party?

As we pinned our bibs on (I was running with my boyfriend), we got hyped up and headed over to the start which looked like colorful balloon bridge rainbows. Then there was a countdown to our wave start. Three....Two...One.....

We decided to actually run the race even though it was a fun run and we knew we could take our time, but we had no specific time goals in mind. I wasn't wearing my garmin and neither of us were using any apps such as Map My Run. The point was to have fun.

The weather was perfect and I loved the fact that the race was at night. Most races, even fun runs, are in the morning and the Florida sun can take a toll on you. Plus there was something exciting about running in the dark with all of those glowing lights. 

We came across some floating lights in the air that reminded me of an octopus. There were several hanging from the trees. I ran under them, gawking at the colorful lights. 

Then it was on to a series of globes that changed colors with a dazzling star in between. It was like running under a multi-colored, glowing universe. 
The next glowing station we came across was another DJ booth. It was glowing, of course, and was paling some pumping dance music to keep us moving along on the course. Even though we were running through the course it never felt like it. This was completely different than any 5k I had ever run.  I was having a blast!

Then we kept running and wound up in an enchanted forrest of glowing trees that lined the race course. I, of course, had to stop and take a picture in front of the trees. The rows of lit up trees really dazzled against the night sky and again I forgot that I was even running.

And there was still more! We ran under a tented area with more music blasted and lights dancing around on the ceiling. 

Then it was out of there and off under some more lighted rainbow bridges (like the ones at the start) and  across the finish line. And what would be waiting for us at the finish? A dance party! The DJ was at the stage with people crowded around. Music was blasting, people were dancing and everyone was having a big ol' party. And of course there was more neon glowing lights!

The ElectroDash was an awesome time! The course was so much fun and I absolutely LOVED it. I would do it again in a heartbeat and I absolutely recommend it for anyone looking to have fun with running!

ElectroDash is held in many cities around the US and Canada. Find one to run on their website here.

Disclaimer: As part of the Tampa Bay Bloggers Network I received a complimentary entry to the ElectroDash 5k in exchange for my honest review. The opinions shared are my own.