Move Nourish Believe - Week 2

Week two of the Move Nourish Believe Challenge has come to a close. This week was all about nourishing the body from the inside. That's part of Lorna's philosophy:

MOVE her body every day
NOURISH from the inside out
BELIEVE in herself and that anything is possible if you work hard enough

I stated it in last weeks post, but I'm stating it here again because I think it's a great way to live. Make sure you are active every day, make sure you are feeding your body with healthy items, and always believe in yourself. You must dream big! You're goals are attainable if you strive for them!!

This week I kept fueling myself with new, healthy foods I had to find in order to fulfill to daily challenges for the week. I was pleasantly surprised with what I found for the week.

Day 1: Go Meatless: Try a Vegan/Vegetarian meal.

I usually have meat at some point in my day, especially when I bring lunch to work, since I usually have a sandwich, so I wondered what I could do to make Monday meatless. Breakfast wasn't hard - I had my typical start to the day of shakeology mixed with some vanilla coconut milk. For an awesome snack I had 1/2 sliced apple and 1/2 banana with 1 tablespoon of dark chocolate peanut butter. This was heavenly. Lunch was quinoa seasoned with some ghost chili powder I had picked up at a local farmer's market. That had a nice kick. And my dinner - delicious! Pumpkin and squash ravioli. Meatless Monday was a hit for me!

Day 2: TYLTW! Take your lunch to work.

Tuesday was take your lunch to work day. Fortunately for me I was off from work, but that didn't let me follow the rules of the challenge exactly. I still chose a recipe from as my lunch of choice. I love a good burger, but I know that they aren't the healthiest of options, so I was super excited to find healthier alternatives. I decided on a chicken burger but tweaked it ever-so-slightly with what I had on hand. The recipe, which can be found here, obviously called for chicken. I had turkey. I went with that. I also used regular soy sauce instead of the tamari that is mentioned. The burger was yummy and my tummy was happy.

Day 3: Write it down! Journal your food & share WIAW (what I ate Wednesday)

I normally keep track of what I eat by using the app My Fitness Pal, so today's challenge was a little easier for me. I find that keeping track of what you're putting into your body really helps prevent you from overindulging. I never really noticed how quickly everything added up or how many times I would say "oh I'll just have a little bite of that". Keeping a record of what you're actually consuming holds you accountable. 

Day 4: Smoothie Day! Happy Thirsty Thursday!

For Smoothie day I got another recipe from - The Energy Booster. Who couldn't use a little boost of energy during the day? One thing deterred was green. I've seen people posting pictures of their green smoothies on social media, and I always assumed those smoothies tasted funky. I looked at the ingredient list. They were all things I would normally eat and love on their own - peanut butter, banana, spinach, coconut water - but together? 
I blended it all together and reluctantly took a sip. AMAZING! This smoothie tasted so good, I will never be put off by green smoothies again! I can't wait to have another!
(Recipe here)

Day 5: Go Raw Friday!

To be honest I didn't really know what the challenge meant by "go raw". I was glad that there was a search box on so I could type in raw and see what popped up. There were a lot of raw dessert type items, but I wanted something else. Then I stumbled across these energy bars. They seemed like a good idea and that they would be tasty - why not try them out?
I didn't make the bars myself, my amazing boyfriend did all the work for me, but I surely chowed down on them. They tasted awesome!

This week was a great experience for me because I got to try out some awesome new recipes. This week also taught me to be much more open minded when it comes to eating healthy and trying new things.

I can't wait to try out more recipes from
And for more healthy living inspiration check out 

On to Week 3!