It's Electric...Boggie Woogie Woogie.

I love running races, and it's always fun to throw in a fun, themed run every now and then. I've done a few already - the glow run, color me rad, the flavor run, the zombie run - and it never fails to be a good time.

This is why I was super excited about the Electrodash 5k. This 3.1 mile race will be held at the Florida State Fairgrounds on March 21st. This race will be awesome. It takes place at night and it will be filled with neon lights and dance music. No better way to run a 5k.

The first lasers will be at 8:30pm, the sky will turn into a light show and the streets turn into a dance floor. Runners will receive glow glasses and a glow bracelet included in their race packet, along with the t-shirt and bib of course! You will glow neon as you make your way through light displays and electronic dance music. 

And the party won't stop when the run is over. The party will only get bigger and better. The dance music will be pumping, there will be neon lights and laser in the air, and there will be free goodies for the catch. 

Afraid of the term "race" or "run"? You can run, walk, or dance your way through the 3.1 mile course. There will be light shows, photo booths, neon madness, and electro lasers all the way to the finish! Anyone will have a great time at ElectroDash. This isn't your typical 5k. There will be projections of dynamic graphic artwork, illuminated inflatables that respond to the rhythm of the party, tunnels of sound and fog, blacklight arenas for the photographers dream, luminescent water features, and more!

Sound like a good time? Sign up now at and get 15% off your registration with promo code TAMPABAYBLOGGERS !!

With your registration you will receive:

  1. An official ElectroDash T-shirt
  2. One pair of neon glow glasses
  3. An ElectroDash glow-in-the-dark tattoo
  4. An LED bracelet
  5. And the best time of your life
Feeling Lucky? I'm giving away two free entries to ElectroDash 5k Tampa! You can enter below. All I ask if you win, is to follow up after the race with some feedback on how it went. Want to give your luck a try for this awesome adventure? Enter below! (Contest ends at midnight 1/27/14)

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