Feeling A Little Dopey

In the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 I was running a lot. I was doing half marathons almost every weekend, and if not a half I was trying to do another distance. I ran my first marathon in Jan of 2013 without properly training for it. I had run 16 miles the weekend before, and figured I'd give it a shot. I did it, and thought to myself I wish I would have ran the Disney Marathon that occurred the weekend before instead. The problem? You must register for Disney races WAY in advance. When I had registered for the half I had never thought I would run a full. EVER. 

That brings me to March of 2013. At least I think it was March. Registration time for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. I had decided that I would not only run the marathon distance, but I would run the goofy challenge. This would consist of the half marathon distance on Saturday and the full marathon distance on Sunday. I was all set to sign up when Disney threw a curveball at me. Disney announced the addition of the Dopey Challenge. This would consist of running a 5k on Thursday, running the new 10k on Friday, the half marathon on Saturday, and the marathon on Sunday. That's a total of 48.6 miles. At first I thought this would be too much, but I wanted the Minnie Mouse 10k medal & I wanted to do the Goofy Challenge. What was another 5k at that point? I had to decide quickly, because I knew this challenge would sell out quickly, and so I signed up. 

I had every intention of properly training for this crazy challenge, but towards the end of the year last year I had quite a few set backs. I had an ingrown toenail that had to be surgically removed that prevented me from running the Chicago Marathon. That put me off from running a bit physically as well as mentally. I was working 6 days a week on most weeks. As I think about it now, I know that if I really wanted to make time to train, I could have. But I didn't. Dopey came up on me way too quickly, but I decided to attempt the challenge anyway. I had run the Blue Moon half, and a couple of other training runs. I wouldn't push myself. I wouldn't try to run fast, I would just try to finish.
Outside of Wide World of Sports

On January 8 I set off to Disney in the morning to head to the Expo at ESPN Wide World of Sports. I picked up my Dopey bibs (there are 2) and headed to the expo. There were tons of awesome vendors, in typical Disney fashion. I headed over to get some official RunDisney merchandise first, since I was aware these often sell out. I got a long sleeve Dopey zip up, a short sleeve tech tee for the dopey challenge that says "I did it" and has a course map on the back for all the races, a Dopey sweaty band, and a magnet. Then I went to get a fuel belt from fit athletic. This wound up to be a super comfortable belt, much better than my previous one. I wandered around some more, looked at a disney medal holder, but didn't purchase it. (I wound up going back for it later in the week). It was a bit crowded, and I was hot, so we left and headed to the hotel to check in. 
Expo Swag

Entering Magic Kingdom

Then it was off to Magic Kingdom for the day. It was a cool day, so it was a perfect day to walk around and ride the rides. During the time there I realized I had forgotten headphones at home, so I bought a pair of minnie ones at one of the gift shops.  I had dinner at Tony's, which is a restaurant modeled after the one in the movie Lady and the Tramp. I had pasta of course, which was the theme for the rest of my time at Disney. I thought we would leave before the crowd, but that wasn't the case and we wound up waiting in line for the monorail for about an hour. Then it was back to the hotel. There I realized that I actually didn't forget my headphones, but I DID forget a hair tie, as well as the case of water I had bought and bagels. Guess it was time for a trip to Walgreens. Then it was time for sleep. It was going to be an early wake up for that 5k in the morning!