Running for Thin Mints!

I was told about the Thin Mint Sprint 5k by my aunt, Doreen. This race made me happy for so many reasons. The first being that a while ago I had to beg Doreen to run or to do a race. Now SHE was the one finding races and telling me about them. She knew of a race I didn't know about? I was happy to have this sort of positive influence. The second reason was that the race was in Safety Harbor. The last race I had ran there, the Best Damn Race, was on a really scenic course, so I was happy to be running in an area that I knew would be pleasing to the eye. The 3rd reason I was excited was that it was a Thin Mint Sprint! The top 50 male and top 50 female finishers were to win a box of girl scout cookies. I knew I probably wasn't fast enough to win a box, but that was still great motivation. If anyone knows me, I will definitely run for cookies. And lastly, I was excited about the medal! most 5k races don;t give you a medal. I have to admit, I love a little race bling. 

Of course I registered for the race. In fact the race was on my birthday weekend, so I decided to do it for my birthday. That's what I wanted - to run the 5k for my birthday. Just another indication that I am officially a runner. What do you want for your birthday? I want to run!

On Saturday I woke up early with race day excitement. I had not run a race in a while that wasn't themed (color run, flavor run, etc) and was excited to run a normal 5k. I met Doreen at her house and off we went. We got to Safety Harbor around 7:30, said hello to a few friends, and waited around by the start. It was a beautiful morning!

Doreen, me, Connie

There were cookies at the start line ready to lead us all through the streets of Safety Harbor. The horn went off at 8am and off we went. 

At the start

I felt good for the first mile, and it was a great view running by the water. I felt strong, and I kept a pretty good pace for mile one. As usual, however, I started off too fast and started to get a little burned out during mile 2. I didn't stop at the water stop (which I thought there would be one of, but surprisingly there were more), and I started to regret it when the sun started to blaze down on me. It wasn't as hot as usual, but I do prefer cooler running temps. Whenever the sun is beaming, my time suffers. 

Fortunately for me there was more than one water stop - unusual for a 5k, but it was very beneficial. I stopped at the 2nd water stop and was glad i did. I felt better after rehydrating and pushed along. 

During the 3rd mile I knew I was going slower than I had hoped for, but I was still happy that my time was better than the first time I had stepped out to run 3.1 miles since I hadn't really been training. I was out there trying my best and that's all that mattered. 
I finished the race in 33:36. Not fast enough to get a box of cookies, but I ran my 5k, and I was happy. 
Doreen PRed, and also ran a goal of getting her 5k under 40 minutes! 38:50! 

I also ran into Denise , who had placed in the top 50 and won a box of thin mints. 

Denise, her thin mints, and I

I had a great time and I'm looking forward to my next race - The Race for a Cure 15k challenge on Oct 5th!