Goal Progress

In the beginning of this year I set some goals for myself. I figured before marathon training gets underway soon it would be a good time to look back at those goals and check out the progress I have made towards them. This will either inspire me to keep meeting goals, or make me even more determined to meet the ones I haven't achieved as of yet. I can't just set a goal and forget about it - I need to actively work on meeting the goals I wish to reach.

Goal #1: Run a Sub 30 5k. 
I've come so close to achieving this goal. I ran the Mother's Day 5k on May 12th in 30:05. I gave it all that I could, and I came up a little short. I still shaved significant time off my average 5k, and that is progress. I need to shave off another 2 seconds per mile to achieve this goal. I've been working on getting faster by doing interval training and it seems to be working. On my training run this past Saturday I ran 3.1 in 29:11. Under 30 minutes, but not yet official. 

I've done it...just not in an official race

Goal #2: Run a Sub 60 10k.
This one I haven't done yet either, and it will be a bit harder than my first goal. I've been working on speed, but I'll need more endurance to keep up that 9:40 min/mile for the 6.2 miles. The last 10k I did was in 1:05:59. Not far from goal, but I still have some work to do. 

Police 10k 5.6.13 - attempt at the goal

Goal #3: Run a 15k.
This goal didn't have a time goal to it because I hadn't run a 15k at all. There aren't many 15k distances races, and I sort of skipped over this length and headed onto the half marathons. I got a chance to run a 15k as part of the Becks Challenge during Gasparilla. My time was 1:46:10. An 11:23 pace. That's about average time for my half marathons, so I should be able to run the 15k a little faster, since it's a short distance. Since I've already completed the goal of actually completing a 15k, I will now have a time goal of 1:40 for my next one, and an eventual 1:30 - once I master the sub30 5k and sub60 10k. 
Running the Gasparilla 15K

Goal #4: Run a Half-Marathon in 2:20:00
Another goal that I have gotten so close to, but not quite accomplished. My PR for the half marathon as of today was set back on January 6th of this year at the DeLeon Springs Half Marathon. Time was 2:23:12, a 10:55 pace. I kept under 11 min/miles on average for the whole race, which is ther first time I've done that in a half. I'm hoping that the speed work I've been doing, coupled with my marathon training for Chicago will help me make this goal a reality before the year is over. The next half I have planned is September 28th - the Hamptons Half Marathon in NY. 

DeLeon Springs 1/2 - close, but not quite

Goal #5: Run 1000 Miles total in 2013
I decided to set a mileage goal for myself as well. I am trying to run a total of 1000 miles this year. I joined a facebook group that lets you self report your miles and it keeps track for you. Plus I've been trying to keep track of all of my runs using DailyMile as well. As of right now I've ran a total of 259 miles. This is less that what I would need to be running on average to complete 1000 by the end of the year, but I'll be adding in a lot of long runs starting the second week in June so I just might make it. 
Mileage so far

Goal #6: Complete the 13 x 13 x 13 Challenge
The 13 x 13 x 13 challenge is to run 13 half marathons in total this year. (13 x 13.1 miles x 2013). According to the rules of this challenge if you complete a full marathon it counts as 2. So far I've completed 9 out of the 13. 
Jan 6: DeLeon Springs Half Marathon
Jan 12: Disney World Half Marathon
Jan 20: Clearwater Marathon (counts as 2)
Feb 2: Best Damn Race Half Marathon
Feb 10: Rock N Roll St Pete Half Marathon
Feb 23: Gasparilla Half Marathon
March 17: Sarasota Half Marathon
April 14: Iron Girl Clearwater Half Marathon
Now I just need to complete 4 more halves in order to complete the challenge. There won't be any halves here in Florida over the summer because it's too hot, so the next one I have planned will be in September in the Hamptons. That will bring me to 10. And then I have the Chicago marathon which will get me to 12. All I will need is one more half, and I'm sure I will find one that works with my schedule by the end of the year. 

Goal #7: Run a Full Marathon
As you can tell from the previous goal I've achieved this one. I have run a full marathon this year. I didn't have a goal time because finishing would be enough of an accomplishment for me. Especially since I went in to it with no training. For my next marathon I will set a time goal, but I haven't quite figured out what that will be yet. Right now I'm thinking 5:30:00, but depending how my training runs go I might shoot for a lower time. I will keep you posted. 

My 1st Marathon Medal

As of now I've reached 2 out of 7 of my goals and gotten very close to another 2. I'm actively working on achieving them all and that's what matters. I will keep striving to attain the things I want from myself.