Getting Antsy

I haven't run in 10 days. I can't remember the last time I said that. And honestly since this year had started I became a running machine. By Janurary 22 I had run 80 miles. That's quite a lot for me. I was on pace to hit 100 for the month.

I ran the Clearwater Marathon on Janurary 20th. I was a bit sore after, but like I've mentioned before I felt the need to keep pushing myself. I wanted to start the 60 days of insanity on Monday - you know, the very next day. For those of you who don't know much about these workouts, there is a lot of jumping involved. Probably not the best idea to start the day after a marathon. The legs didn't like me too much. But, I pushed on and completed the fit test, and my numbers were actually pretty good. Tuesday morning I did the first workout and then at night I went for a group run. I ran just under 3 miles. I felt a little sluggish and slow, but my pace actually wasn't bad.

Wednesday I decided to be smart and take a rest. I figured my legs needed it. I would still do the insanity workouts but it would take 61 or 62 days instead of 60. wouldn't be by the "plan", but I was going to be running, and doing races, and I DID just run a marathon. Friday came and I was tired, and I wasn't int he best of moods. Hey, it happens to the best of us. I figured I'd go for a run Saturday morning. Life got in the way of that. I spent the weekend with my family, and some friends, and I told myself I'd get back on track with the running and working out on Monday. It's ok to take some time off and have fun once in a while.

And then boom, I woke up on Monday feeling like a train hit me. My throat was so sore and it hurt to swallow. I feel weak and achey. My nose was stuffy. I went to work and was miserable. Everyone knew something was wrong because I wasn't talking. I'm usually quite the chatty one.

Tuesday I felt worse. I stayed home from work. I figured I just needed a day to be home and rest. I pretty much spent the day online and watching TV. I caught up on some shows and I looked up some races. I fell in and out of sleep. I ventured out to Panera to get some soup. Yum. Then I came back home and went to bed.

Wednesday I still felt like crap, but I went back in to work. I couldn't just take two days off. Plus I thought I just had a cold, and what would I do for that? Nothing really. I came home and made dinner. Yum. Then I had a coughing spell and my throat started hurting so bad that I wouldn't speak at all.

When I woke up Thursday I had enough. I went straight to the doctor. She did a strep test and what do you know - it was positive. Strep throat it was. I guess I should have went to the doctor sooner, but I assumed it was just a cold, for which they would say take some ibuprofen and drink fluids. Oops. So again, I stay home. And still no running. No working out. No nothing.

So now there are two things that I realized. One, how different I feel when I am able to run and workout. I'm going to address this in a different post, because its going to be long, and raw and honest. So it needs it's own post. And Two, that I might not be able to run the race I have lined up for tomorrow....the Best Damn Race 1/2 Marathon. And this makes me sad.

Either way I'll be out there to support my friends who are running. My aunt is running her first 5k, and my friend Mera is running her first half. So of course, I need to be out there! Hopefully I'll be able to join in, but I'll need to see how I'm feeling. I'll keep you posted!