As I think about the past year and how far I've come I can only say that I am thankful. I'm thankful that I can overcome obstacles, I'm thankful that I have proved to myself how strong I am, inside and out. A year ago today I didn't even think about running. Tomorrow I will be running my 8th half marathon. It's funny how much running has changed my life. I never would have thought I'd be excited to run 13.1 miles. Actually I never even thought I'd be able to. Sitting and thinking about how much about me has changed, I am amazed.

I get excited about races. I spend time looking up what races are in the area on the coming weekends. I blog about my training and running accomplishments. Originally I wasn't even going to share my blog, but just have it as a sort of electronic journal for myself - to keep track of training, progress, and look back on to see what worked and what didn't. Now I share my blog, because I get support and motivation from others. It's amazing how inspiring other runners are, and how willing they are to help and support you. 

I try to get others involved in running as well now, and I get excited when someone who doesn't usually run is willing to run with me, or try out a race. I know how much I love it and how much it changed me, and if I can get even one person to have an experience half as good as mine I will be happy! 

I believe that running has made me a better person. I am healthier, stronger, happier, and overall just better. When I am stressed or sad I run, and the accomplishment and endorphins make it all better. I am less stressed out about work or other issues that would normally stress me. I have more energy. I am more social. Running also gives me a goal, something to work towards. I can aim to make myself better. 

This year has been good to me so far. I've put in more miles per week that I had been, and my runs are going well. I almost hit my goal time of sub 30 during a 5k training run. This shows me that I can do it. I got my friend Mera to wake up early and come out running with me and another friend. That excited me! I PRed the DeLeon Springs half marathon, and at the 5k mark I was at 29:57. Exciting! 
Tuesday morning 5k training run with friends!

Keeping up with my plank a day - 3:02 - best time yet!

Today I head over to the Disney expo for the Disney World half marathon tomorrow. I'm sure the race will be tons of fun, because the last disney race I did - tower of terror - was awesome! After that, its right back to Tampa to go run the Glow Run with friends in St. Pete. It's not a timed race, so I can relax after the mornings race and just let myself have fun with it. It should be a good time! 

Excited to run this tomorrow!

And this! Team Glow-Getters!! Woop Woop
31.7 miles ran, 968.3 to go!