I like to push myself. I like to do more than I probably should. And so, I've been pretty busy these past couple of months. Running-wise I've definitely stepped it up. In the past 3 months I've run 7 half marathons and my first full. I ran the full without training. Why? Because I like to push myself and challenge myself to do bigger and better things. My milage for the month had increased greatly from what I was used to running. And after the marathon, 1/20, I was already up to about 80 miles for the month.

In between all of that I have a very irregular work schedule. And I tried to make time for friends and family as well. I had been doing a lot more than usual. I was pushing myself too much.

I went to a group run two days after my marathon and ran just under 3 miles. I thought I was going slow, but I was at at 10:11 pace, so it wasn't as bad as I thought. I just felt slow. I had also done 2 Insanity workouts because I wanted to start the 60 day program. Not the best idea to start the day after a marathon. But I did. Because I think I can do anything. On Wednesday I decided I needed a rest. I took Wed and Thurs off from running and spent some time with friends. I had plans for Friday night so I didn't run then either.
Tuesday Night Group Run

And then the weekend came. It was the first weekend I had off with no races planned in the longest time. It felt weird. But I was going to spend the weekend with my nephew, and so I took off from running. Sometimes you just need a break. I was fine with that. We went to Gasparilla and to dinner, and got amazing crepes the next day. And I spent Sunday evening with my nephews, sister, and brother. It was much needed time with them.
Me, Joey, Mera @ Gasparilla

Sunset view at dinner

I love this picture!

Banana, Nutella, and Coconut Crepes - YUM!

And then came Monday. I woke up with the worst sore throat. I was stuffy. My head hurt and I didn't want to move. My body was telling me to slow down. The fact that I was spending time with a sick person probably didn't help my cause either. I was a trooper and I went into work Monday, but all I wanted to do is sleep. I got home and was out of it. I just relaxed, watched tv, and went to bed.

Today I'm just at home spending time taking care of myself. I need to rest, and so that is what I'm doing. And since I'm going to be in bed most of the day I figured I'd blog. I'm also going to start looking into different fun race I could do in the future. Someone had mentioned the Flying Pig Marathon on Facebook today and I wanted to know why that one was  such a big deal. Maybe I will make a goal to go to one big fun race per year. But I'd have to find out about them all first! So research I will do! If I can't go out and run at least I can stay home and read up about it!

And this Saturday will be my next race - the Best Damn Race 1/2 Marathon in Safety Harbor. I know a few people doing some of the different races (there's a 5k, 10k, and 1/2). My aunt is doing the 5k as her first 5k, and she was a little reluctant to do it because she hasn't really trained, but my marathon completion without training has inspired her! She realizes now that she's not competing with anyone time, but just doing it for herself. I'm glad I could help motivate! hopefully this sickness goes away and I'm all ready to go by then!!