Glow Get 'Em !!

After the Disney Half Marathon I was pleasantly surprised and extremely flattered. As I've mentioned numerous times before I have fallen in love with instagram. There are so many kind, motivating, and encouraging people on there. I feel like I have a whole support group helping me keep up with my running and fitness goals. I have to admit I get made fun of a bit by my non-runner friends by the workout/running stuff I post, but that's ok. I guess they just don't get it. Yet. 

A distance challenge had been posted my a fellow blogger and IGer, Darwinian Fail . She is an amazing woman who has overcome so much. So she posted a challenge and stated that we should all log our distance each week, and hashtagging (did I just make up that word) it #distance13. I figured this would be a fun way to keep me accountable, and keep track of my milage. And then I see this:

I got a shout out on her blog! It was an amazing feeling to know that people are out there supporting me and what I'm doing. I am thankful for that.

So I had completed the Disney Half, felt famous to be featured on another runner's blog, and headed home to Tampa. In a few hours I'd be heading down to St. Pete to run a 5k - The Glow Run.

I was part of my friend's team - The Glow-Getters and I loved the witty name. I laced up my sneakers with neon laces, met up with my friend Mera, and headed out to St. Pete.

Sneakers all neon-ed up and ready to go!

Got my glow on!

The drive there took a little bit, had to make a pitstop for some Starbucks, and got to watch an awesome sunset as we drove.

We got down almost at the start of the race, but they were doing it in waves so we lined up for the second wave. We had glow sticks in our shoes, glowing necklaces, bracelets, headbands, rings, etc. Shout out to Anna for giving us an extra special glow! We were ready. I was a little sore from running that morning, but another 3 miles wouldn't kill me. I was going to take it easy anyway, it wasn't a timed run. Just a fun 5k with friends. 

Glowing runners at the start

We started off running a pretty good pace. Mera and I wound up in front of the group. Then it got really crowded. We needed to stop and walk. I didn't mind, I was a little achey anyway. Weaving in between the people made for a tough time. I decide to just have fun with it. I would take my time, walk a little, enjoy glowing. There were areas with backlights that lit you up even more. It was a good time.

At the end of the race they gave out medals! What a surprise for an un-timed 5k fun run! Everyone loves a little race bling, so of course I was happy with this. And I was happy for Mera as well - it was her first medal! 

Our fancy glow in the dark medal

Mera and I sporting our bling!

We hung out for a bit and got some water. It was hot and humid, and I was super sweaty! I definitely needed to rehydrate. Then we found the rest of the gang and of course had to get group photos!

Team Glow-Getters!!

After the race they had a beer garden, but they were checking IDs and wouldn't let me in. I found this amusing. I'm well over 21. I didn't have my ID with me because I had just run a 5k! And I wasn't about to walk back to the car to get it. I stood on the outside. Still made for a good time, I'm not much of a beer drinker anyway. 

The festivities came to an end. We decided to head home. I was pretty exhausted from my 16.2 miles of running that day. I passed out on the way home. 

I had an awesome time, and an awesome weekend. I plan to try to do the same this weekend by trying something crazy. Wish me luck!