Win !

I was pretty sore after Savage Race. I worked 10 hours the day after and couldn't lift my hands over my head. My legs felt pretty good. Monday I was still feeling sore.

I was supposed to get some running in at the beginning of this week but that didn't happen. Life got in to way. I blew a tire Sunday night, so I had to get that fixed Monday morning. That caused my to be stuck at work late that day. No running for me! Tuesday I had a hair appointment. I decided that was more important than a run =). I came home and did a little bit of ab and arm work.

Thursday I was off from work so I worked out my legs a little bit in the early afternoon. There was a 5k going on that night - the YMCA corporate cup. Jim had a team for it, but I was reluctant to run because of my crazy racing schedule for that upcoming weekend. I was just going to go for support, and to possible take some pictures, but at the last minute I decided to run. 

I took out my garmin before we were about to head over to Curtis-Hixon Park and it was dead! I had no way of monitoring my pace or heart rate. I was a little freaked out about this considering recent events. I decided to go register anyway, and I did. We got to the park, I got my shirt and bib, and I was now a part of team 

We lined up at the start, and then off we went. It was weird not knowing how fast I was going but I just ran at a pace that felt comfortable. Then the rain came. I actually didn't mind running through the rain, up until my contacts got blurry and I could barely see in front of me. I could hardly see when to make turns. I just followed the feet in front of me and hoped for the best. 
Before the start of the race

Eventually the rain let up and my vision cleared. I saw Jim and Mike headed on the way back and I waved. Soon after I hit the halfway point. i had to be going fast! They weren't THAT far ahead of me. At least not for the pace I would normally run. I wasn't planning on racing strong because of my weekend races but I knew I was probably keeping a fast pace so I figured I'd keep it up for as long as I could. It worked for longer than I had expected and then I had to slow it down towards the end. The breathing issues got the best of me. I kept going and I got to the finish. The clock read 31: something. I knew that wasn't my official time, but I figured it was over 31 minutes. That was ok with me! Besides London, my best time so far had been 31:01. 

I saw the official results. 30:59! Woohoo! Florida PR! 9:59 pace. Under a 10 minute mile! Barely, but I still did it! Getting closer to the sub-30!

We all changed out of our wet shirts and into the corporate cup race shirts. Then we waited for the team results. Team won 1st place for small business division! I was happy to help be a part of that!

We took pictures with the trophy and then went for some post-race pizza. On to the weekend of races....