Tower of Terror 10 Miler !!

It's been a while since I've wrote anything and that's pretty much because of this whole rapid heart rate issue. I thought about skipping the Tower of Terror race, because I wouldn't have completed all of my tests, but I've been wanting to do this race since March, so I decided to wear a heart rate monitor and see how it went. I had done my stress test at the cardiologist and that was ok, so I figured I would just monitor my heart rate and stop if I felt anything out of the ordinary. 

Arianna and I drove over to Orlando Saturday afternoon for packet pick up. I thought that the expo would be exciting since it was Disney, but it was rather dull. We didn't spend much time there. 
We made sure to eat a good meal and to get a nice little nap in before it was time to get ready and go to the race. 

There were so many people there for this race, and so many people in awesome costumes. We waited in the corral area for some time until we started to walk up to the start. 

I started monitoring my heart rate at this time, and on average it was about 115 while I was waiting for the start. Not a good thing - but I was determined to race anyway. I would just keep a slow pace, monitor my HR and stop if anything felt funny. And that's what I did. Fireworks went off at the start line and off we went. 
Start line fireworks!
I thought that the race was awesome. There was so much energy, and getting from mile to mile wasn't boring or exhausting. At mile 1 my heart rate went up to 190. Eeek. I knew I had to keep a slower pace than normal. My goal for this race had originally been anything under 2 hours. I knew I could do it because one of my 10 mile training runs had been 1:58:44. But now, at the race, I didn't care about a goal time. I just wanted to make sure I finished and that I took care of myself the whole time. And that's what I decided to do. I used my watch to just monitor my HR. I wasn't looking at my pace or time. I slowed down when I felt tired. 
Between mile 2 and 3 we stopped to take a picture. I don't know where that picture is or I would post it. Then off we went again. My pace for the first 3 miles was much slower than usual. 12:05 for the first, 
12:35 for the second, and 14:18 for the 3rd. My 5k time was around 40 min. Super slow! But, we did stop for a picture, and I wasn't running just a 5k - I was running 10 miles, couldn't start out speedy. And I was trying to keep my HR under 200. My average HR for those 3 miles was 194. Obviously not normal, but I felt ok - so I kept going.
For the rest of the race I ran between 12:30-13 min/miles. Again, even writing this and knowing I had to be careful even running this race, it feel disappointing because I know I could do better. But I finished, I had a good time, and I got an awesome race photo with Ari!
Love this picture!
During the last mile I tried to push myself, but I had to slow it down a few times. HR went up to 208, and then I started to feel some shortness of breath and a little dizzy. I walked a little (AHHHH!) It was ok, I was almost done. And then, finally I was. I got through the finish with a time of 2:10:41. Not too bad, not too far from my goal! Especially considering I shouldn't have ran, and I stopped to take a picture. I really hope they figure out what is making my heart rate so high. And soon! I have a lot of races to run! 
Me and Ari rocking our medals!
After the race the park stayed open until 4am for an after party so the runner got to ride on some of the rides that were kept open. We rode the Tower of Terror - of course! and the Rockin' Roller Coaster. Then we walked around a bit and took some pictures.

We didn't make it 'til 4am, but we were there pretty darn late. I think we left around 3. Long day! This was my first Disney race, and I have one more planned so far. I'm sure I'll keep doing them because I thought it was awesome. 

And there's my Average HR for the race: 196. Max: 208. Ugh.
So now back to training. And next week is the Pretty in Pink 5k. And then Savage Race! That one has me scared! But we'll see how it all goes. Then I go half-marathon crazy!