Savage !!

I didn't run the pretty in pink 5k. And I didn't do much in training this past week. I worked out at the gym on thursday, and then went for a slow 5 mile run. If was in the afternoon, after work. It was hot and sweaty, and after working out my legs, but I got it done. I had been very tired all week. But I pushed myself to do it. Brought my gym clothes to work, and didn't go home first - I knew if I did that I would not have gone back out to get it done.

Then there was Saturday - Savage Race!!! I was super nervous about this race because it wasn't really about the running. It was the obstacles. The race was described as 5 - 6 miles packed with 25 obstacles. 
Some of the obstacles sounded crazy. Here are the names of some, and their descriptions from the savage race website. 
Shriveled Richard: Jump into one of our mammoth ice water baths. This one is cold. It's certainly not an ideal situation for men in speeds. In fact this obstacle is brutal.
Thor's Grundle: Duck under the wooden baffles to get a face full of mud. It's disgusting, we know.
Nutt Smasher: Our version of the balance beam....on crack rock. It's long, wobbly, and most of you will end up falling into the mud.
Davy Jones' Locker: Jump off of the building into deep water. This obstacle is fun as hell. 
Swamp Ass:Tromp through the swamp. More mud. More sweet, sticky, lovely mud. 
Map of the obstacles on the 6.4 mile course

There were some obstacles I knew I wouldn't be able to complete. The evil bars were one of them. It was a giant row of monkey bars that incline up and decline down. I have very little upper body strength. I knew this would be impossible, but I would try. The water obstacles also had me worried. I can barely swim. So jumping off a cliff into deep water, I figured I would skip that one. Then I would assess any other water obstacle. 
I wound up attempting EVERY obstacle. I jumped off the cliff. I at least tried the evil bars. No success there - wound up in the muddy water. But I didn't skip any - and actually completed most of them. Yay me!
John, Me, Arianna, Jay - Before the start. Clean.
Our wave started at 11:20am. Unfortunately there wasn't much to grab on the way to eat, and it took quite some time to get there, so none of us really ate before we started this craziness. At 11:20 off we went. We ran a little bit, went through the first obstacle - some crawling and some hanging tires swinging at us. No big deal. Then onto the ice bath. That was some cold water!! And we had to dunk our heads under to get through, so we were completely submerged at one point. That will definitely wake you up!
Then we ran through some sticky mud, ran through some tires, and swam across a lake while holding a cord. Not too bad so far!
We got to the 8 foot wall and had to work as a team to get over. Arianna and I are a bit short, so we needed assistance on this one. And when I got to the top I got a little scared of getting over. But I had assistance to make sure I wouldn't fall and die =) 
Then it was onto the craziest, stickiest mud ever. It was this thick, gooey stuff that you basically just get stuck in. And of course, I got stuck! You needed to use a cargo net to pull yourself out, but I couldn't reach because I was so far stuck in this mess of muddy nonsense. Jay had to pull me out so I could reach the net, and then I had to pull the rest of myself out from there. And then we had to run through some more of that. A lot of people lost their sneakers here. 
Then we climbed over some more walls, and under barbed wire, and over hay bales, and under barbed wire, and over walls. Then onto these giant mounds on dirt. You had to run up full speed on an incline and then down slowly so you wouldn't fall. There were 4 or 5 of these. Then more crawling, and more climbing over walls. 
Then we got to the hay stacks. Giant bales of hay stacked up on top of each other making a pyramid. You had to climb them to the top, and then back down on the other side. Well I got up to the second one and lost my footing in a hole covered with hay. And down I went, falling from the second stack to the ground. Apparently this was the highlight of the race for my team =) Too bad I couldn't see it from their perspective. Back up I went. Got some hay kicked in my face on the way up, and made it over.
Somewhere on the course. Dirty.
Then there was the Nutt Smasher. A super wobbly balance beam. Usually I would think I'd be good at this, but I got about a foot and couldn't keep my balance. John and Arianna made it across, me and Jay did not. Fifty percent of the team isn't so bad. Lol. 
Then onto the cargo nets. 

And Over
We all got over pretty easily. Then we had to crawl under barbed wire, through some long, dark tube and out and under some more barbed wire. Apparently many people didn't listen to directions and would get up after the tube and get caught in the barbed wire. I made sure to stay down. Didn't feel like getting cut up that day.
Crawling under the barbed wire
Then we came upon Davy Jones' Locker. The jump into the water. The water was only 10 feet deep so I figured I wouldn't drown. Haha. We would all go up and jump as a team. They would help me get back up to the surface if I had any issues. Sounded good. So we climbed to the top. And then the jump. Well 3 people out of 4 jumped. I chickened out. And then I said to myself "what the heck?" and jumped in.  I was very proud of myself for doing this one!
Right after that were the Evil Bars. Our hands were all wet from just being in the water AND the bars were all slippery. My goal of getting to the 3rd bar didn't look like it was going to happen. Every time I'd try to get a grip on the bars i'd slip. John went into beast mode and got all the way across. Jay tried and slipped. Arianna and I realized we couldn't make it to any bar, so we jumped into the water and swam across. 
Then came lumberjack lane. We had to carry logs through muddy water. Then came the giant incline wall. We had a small slanted wall we had to scale up with a rope before this, but this one was a lot higher up. You had to get a quick running start, grab the rope and then pull yourself up a straight wall. 
Me....actually completing this obstacle!

I didn't think I'd make it through this one, but I did. Very proud of this one as well. Then came the other side of this. You slide down a giant, freezing wet slide into a pool of muddy water. 
Then onto the electricity! We saw guys getting zapped while crawling under the live wires. They screamed a bit. Sounded like it hurt. We managed to stay really low to the ground and avoid getting shocked. And then it was the run and jump over fire.
Then came the final obstacle. Mud and Guts. You crawl through thick, sticky mud under barbed wire. And then, finally, the finish. Although my finally here isn't the same as with most races. Usually I'm thinking "wow I'm finally done with this". This time I just felt accomplished. I did things I never would have done before and never thought I could have done. 
And we're done!
We got our medals, our shirts - which were actually really nice and comfy, and our beer. We were covered in mud. It was an awesome experience. And now we had to try to shower off and find some food!

It took quite some time to hose ourselves down and get as much of that super sticky mud off of us. Then we changes clothes. I never wanted a shower so bad in my life. But food needed to come first. We headed to get some burritos and tacos. And wore our shirts and medals - well deserved!
John, Arianna, Jay - Time to Eat

Jim and I. Thanks to him for the great photos =)
We ate. Finally. I went home and showered. I was a little sore and A LOT sunburned. I had the worst tan lines (well sunburn lines) ever. And the burn started to hurt. 
My forearms were bruised and scraped. My shin was bruised. I had a splinter. Sounds terrible - but it was all worth it. I had the most amazing time. The rest of the day was rest. I had to work a 10 hour shift the next day, I was going to need my energy.

The next day - all I can say was SORE. My entire upper body has never ached so much. It was hard to lift my arms over my head. Stretching hurt. My legs were ok. Probably from all of the running. That's a good thing. At least I know I got one hell of a workout in.

And now I just need to make sure that soreness is gone by this coming weekend. Three races. Four medals =) Saturday morning will be the great west chase 5k. Sat night will be the first part of the living dead challenge - the bride of frankenstein 5k. Sunday morning will be the second part - the Frankenfooter 1/2 marathon. Hopefully all goes well!