Awesome week!

The Tower of Terror race is done with, and I made it through. My next big race is October 28th. Soon. The Frankenfooter 1/2 Marathon. And with that I'm doing the Living dead challenge. The Bride of Frankenstein 5k Sat night, and the 1/2 Sun morning. I knew it was time to kick up my training. I had taken a week off due to my ankle, and 2 weeks off because of the rapid heart rate. Now it was time to get into training mode. I have a lot of races coming up and I need to be ready for them.

Saturday called for 9 miles. I don't remember why I didn't get that done. Sunday I had a 10 hour day scheduled at work. I figured I'd try to get some of those miles in after. But it was late, and dark. To top it off I would be running alone. I decide to hit the treadmill instead of running outdoors. 

I figured I would try my best to get close to 9 miles but I would get bored. But I knew I had to try. So off I went. Surprisingly I felt great. And amazingly fast. I'm usually faster on the treadmill than I am outdoors, but this was super fast for me. I knew I should slow down to do a long run, but I wanted to see how fast I could do the first 5k. And then 3.1 miles hit. My time: 25:58! Whoa! My PR for 3.1 is 28:09. That was crazy! Again, I know I'm usually a bit faster on the treadmill - but not THAT fast!

I slowed it down a bit, but obviously not that slow because the miles kept moving. I finished the 9 miles in 1:36:53. I couldn't believe I actually ran 9 miles on a treadmill! And in that time! And, of course, after working a 10 hour shift. 

Monday was a rest day for me. Tuesday I hit the gym after work for another treadmill run. 5 miles - 55:47. That seemed more like my normal pace. Heart rate got high though - up to 207 towards the end. I'm supposed to be getting this HR monitor to wear for 30 days. I don't know if I'm happy or sad about this. Happy, because maybe they will figure out why it's so high. And sad because, well, I don't want to wear this stupid thing for 30 days!

Wednesday was back to the gym, but for some weight training. Arms, legs, abs. No running today! I did wind up doing 10 minutes on the elliptical, but I was only trying to kill some time. 

Thursday was supposed to be 5 miles, but it was my day off and I was being lazy. I woke up late so I didn't get to run outside. I thought of going to the gym, but I didn't do that either. I decided to get it done Friday night. My 5 mile run felt terrible. My legs felt heavy and I felt slow. I guess all days can't be good days. I even stopped to walk for about a minute. Eeek! But I picked it up at the last mile and ran faster than usual. My time wound up being the same as Tuesday - well plus one second: 55:48. 

Tired and sweaty after my 5miles

This week I was pretty satisfied with myself. I got all of my milage in. Maybe not on the days I had planned - but I got the miles in! I also did a day of just strength training. Yay me!
This up coming Sunday is the Pretty in Pink 5k. I'm not looking to PR or anything because it's not a flat course and I don't do good with any kind of incline. Plus some of the course is the same and the Hooters race course. That's the one I wound up going to the hospital after I couldn't finish. So I'm going to keep it slow and be sure to be monitoring my HR. We'll see what happens.