Why Blog?

Hmm...So I've decided to give this whole blogging thing a try. Seems to be what all the cool kids are doing. Ha. But I'm pretty much doing it for myself. I'd like to just track my progress as a runner, and I feel that if I force myself to write about it I'll force myself to do more. Maybe it's all psychological. But I understand myself, and I guess if that's something that will help me reach my goals that's all that matters.

So, a little about me.

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. I decided to move to Florida about two and a half years ago. Big change from the big city, but I like it. I love the warm weather and the palm trees. 

I was never really active while growing up. The most I did was some dance lessons. I spent about two years doing ballet, tap, & gymnastics. But that's about it. That's all I've got for an athletic background. After that I never really worked out. Some pilates here and there. But nothing else.

So why running? I don't know why exactly I chose running, but I knew I should probably do some sort of cardio. I would get all out of breath walking up a flight of stairs and I thought...this is not good. I decided I would try to run. I started out in February of this year, 2012. Feb 4th to be exact. I ran/walked for about 20 minutes in same random park I googled. 

I started trying a little more, and I tried finding out more places to run by looking on Facebook. I posted this question in a running group called Run Tampa and was surprised at how many responses I got, and at how nice everyone was! Then I asked a few more questions, and everyone was so helpful! I decided to go to one of their group events. Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. At the time I said my goal was just to run a 5k without having to stop and walk. They all told me that would change, and I would become addicted. I laughed at that. A half marathon? Haha! I could NEVER do that!

Two months later I ran the Iron Girl half marathon on April 22. It may be true that it may have not been the best idea to do this without much, if any, training - but I did it. 

And now I have 7 more half-marathons planned. I think I might be a little crazy. But I love it. And I think I'll write about it too =)