My running life so far

It's saturday at 7:22am and I should be running 6 miles. Unfortunately I ran longer than I should have last weekend, and I hurt my ankle somehow. My ankles are weak and I need to start doing things to strengthen them. So I figured I;d spend my morning writing about what has gotten me to where I am now as a runner and the races I've done so far.

The first race I ever did was the Gasparilla 5k on March 3, 2012. There were SO many people! I didn't know how long it would take me. I wanted to be able to run the whole thing, I wasn't really too concerned with time. I stood there waiting at the start and it was such an interesting experience. I never realized how many people were into running and racing. And off I went. I probably started off too strong. As I've said before, I was not good at pacing myself. I did pretty good at first, I think. And then I started to get tired. It was very, very hot. I had to slow it down. Unfortunately I had to walk a little. When I walked, I thought to myself, wow my time is going to suck! I started running again. I saw the finish, I started to get a little dizzy from the heat, but I kept on. I crossed the finish and got my first medal EVER. (I had never received a medal for anything before so this was exciting!). My time was 33:18. Not too bad I guess.

My second race was the Vitaminwater 5 mile Bolt run. That was on March 31. It is not a good idea to stay up late the night before a race. You live and you learn. Arianna and I ran together. Well, actually at first I ran too quick, as always, and was ahead of people I knew that were seasoned runners. But then I had to stop and slow it down. THEN Arianna and I ran together. We pretty much both felt like death. But we made it! My time there: 52:31. 

My 3rd race was the Iron Girl Half Marathon. Yes I'm Crazy. But there is a whole separate post about that one. Time: 2:46:12. 

- May 4, 2012: Crazy Sombrero 5k. This race was interesting. It wasn't chip timed so I had to use gun time, and my time was still a lot better than my first 5k. 31:30. On top of that I was 2nd in my age group. (I think there was only 4 people running in my age group, but still 2nd is better than 4th!) Of course they didn't give out awards the one time I'd actually get one, but it was still nice!

-May 6, 2012: Police Appreciation 10k: My first 10K! Ok, a little backwards since I'd already done a 1/2, but still a first! I remember feeling pretty strong, and I was pretty happy with my time: 1:01:40.

- May 17, 2012: Beat the banana 5k: in LONDON!!! This race was pretty awesome. It was through Hyde Park. We decided to do a race while we were there. It wasn't chip timed, but my time was 28:09. PR! I figure it was the amazing cool weather. I don't know how I will beat that time here in Florida unless I wait until the winter, but even then - it won't be like London. Anyway, in this race there was a man dressed like a banana who started before everyone, and the runners had to chase him. 

This is at the start of the race
Fancy medals. haha.
Just a picture of Hyde park - because I thought it was pretty =)

-June 1,2012: Sunsets at Pier 60: Ugh. What a terrible race this was for me. I started ok and then after about a mile I had breathing problems the whole time. I was wheezing and really wanted to stop. I seriously considered it, but I just couldn't. I have really bad allergies that I was supposed to get shots for, but going once a week for 6 months and then once a month for 3 - 5 years is just too much. I don't know if that was the cause, or what was happening, but it was no good. Time: 33:41. Worst than my first. There was a pretty sunset though =)

-June 2,2012 Beach to bayou 5k : The day after this terrible race I redeemed myself. We ran through Tarpon Springs. It was pretty hot out, as usual for Florida. Time wasn't bad: 31:32. 
Jim and I. Yay, we got medals for this one!

-June 9, 2012: RAP River Run 5k: This race was nice. The morning was cool (for Florida) and it wasn't too humid. I felt energetic. Time was 31:26. PR! Well, for America at least. Haha.
Me, Arianna, John

-June 15, 2012 Port to Park Series #2: I missed the 1st in this series because of work. But this 5k is a small one up in Port Richey. Not chip timed. The course is ehh, but it's a race and races are fun =). Time for this one 32:02.
I think this picture is pretty funny. I think I look like a dork, and Jim looks nauseous. Haha. He's only covering his bib because he finished running and was just running next to me while I finished. =)

- July 13, 2012 Port to Park Series 3: Same Race as the previous. Time got better, 31:26. No pictures for this one. 

- August 19, 2012. Java 2 Java 5k: Ran this one with my friend Becca. It was her first 5k so I tried to run with her for motivational support. We got separated so that didn't really work. I felt bad having her do this one as her first because it was kind of hilly. She should have probably done something even and flat for a first 5k, but she still was asking when the next one was so I was happy! Time for this one: 33:33. I guess I got to pick up some speed after we separated, although I wasn't really doing it for time. I was happy, however, that my legs are starting to look stronger!

And that is all I've got so far. My next big race is the disney tower of terror 10 miler, and then I start my multitude of halves that I have signed up for. Hopefully all goes well, and I'll have lots to talk about!