Fastest Mile!

I happy I have a race tomorrow instead of today because my body is feeling very sore. Tuesday I decided to get really motivated and kick it into gear. And Thursday I felt very accomplished, so that helped push me even more. But now my body is feeling it. So Saturday rest day it is. I think I might do some yoga later on to stretch though. And me and my stick have a date. Haha. For those of you who don't know what that is, I suggest clicking the link before your minds start racing and thinking that it is something other that what it is. 

Anyway...moving on. As I mentioned previously tuesday morning was the Run to Remember 5k. I woke up at 5am to go up to Hernando County with my friend John to run it. There was pretty good turnout for a Tuesday morning in Hernando. More people than I had expected. It was a pretty nice morning, so I thought to myself I might do better than usual. I was able to run a 28:09 in London, and I assume it was because of the cool temperature, but my PR here before this race was 31:04. Not close. I really want to break 30. So that is my goal. And I separate my London PR from Florida. Should I? I don't know. But I do. Well the race started and I felt strong, and around mile 2 I started to get a little nauseous. Not really sure why, so I slowed it down considerably. Not every day is going to be perfect. But I did finish in 31:01. So I beat my previous best time. New American PR. Haha. 31:01.

Then I came home, showered, rested up for a little bit and went off to work and worked one of the most stressful shifts I have in a while. I had thought about going to the gym before I had gone to work, and then I was so tired and unmotivated. I decided to go anyway. I worked out my legs hardcore. I want to get them stronger. I am really aiming for a sub-30, and I am going to make my legs stronger. At least I know I will get my muscles stronger enough to get me there. The breathing thing - well that, that will come with time and practice. But the legs won't get so tired if they are strong! And the stronger they are the less tired they will be on the longer runs too! So, good all around. And then I decided to run a mile on the treadmill. Today's training called for 4 miles, so I wanted to get in the 4. And I did. Then I went home and pretty much passed out. 

Thursday I was off from work and was being kind of lazy. I knew I was supposed to run 4 miles again but I was putting it off. I waited for later on in the day and finally I said to myself I need to do it now or I'm not going to get it done. So I threw the watch on, laced up the sneakers and walked out the door. I started running. I wasn't really trying too hard because my legs were still a little sore. I was just listening to my music. Just running, enjoying it. Then I decided to look down at my watch. Holy crap! I was going fast! I finished my first mile in 8 minutes and 36 seconds. That was my fastest mile EVER. Well so far anyway. I was still keeping a pretty good pace for the second mile. During the 3rd I had to slow it down a lot. The breathing thing got hard. I hate that my legs can keep going, but my lungs don't want to keep up. Mile 4 I picked it up a little, but not as fast as the first 2. 4 miles: 42:59. Average pace: 10:44. 

So now I know I've gotten faster, I just have to be able to maintain that speed for 3.1 miles, and I can break 30. This makes me happy. And I have some time before my next timed 5k. I have a 10k on Sunday, but I have to keep a slower, steadier pace for that to finish the 6.2. I don't want to burn out too early. Eventually I will get faster for longer distances than the 5k, but for now it's just about finishing anything longer. So we'll see how that goes after Sunday!